Essay on capital punishment

March 16, 2008 at 10:16 am | Posted in Essay Exercise, Vietnam - Students | 1 Comment
Below is an essay written by a student. See if you can help make it better! 
Capital punishment has raised a continuing debate in community these days.This highest punishment has been perceived as the most effective way to reduce violence in society.However,the death penalty should be abolished because it is against human rights and there are some other methods to control criminals.It is obvious that living is an indisputable right of a human being.Consequently,death sentence is likely to be against this privilege,although this person has committed a serious offence.Similarly,law professionals would be in the same position as murderers to whom they have given the death penalty,thus capital punishment  seems to be unfair and inconvincing.Moreover,the sentence of death which is considered as the most effective way to control brutality in society turns out to be helpless  under some circumstances.For example, America where capital punishment is applied has been known as one of the countries having the highest criminal rate all over the world.In fact,there are other methods to reduce the number of violence-realated crimes in society and other sentences should be cogitated about such as life imprisonment.Nevertheless,the best way is to educate prisoners or give them jobs.Hence,they could easily rehabilitate society in the future. In conclusion,the death penalty should be abolished in our society.Law professionals ought to find alternatives of punitive measures that are reasonable for different criminals in order to ensure that living environment is becoming safer for human beings 

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  1. First suggestion: Capital punishment is topic under continuous debate in society.

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